I Am a Landlord and I Want to Sell My Property Fast!

Are you tired of finding new tenants for your property only to have them leave within a few months, leaving you to perform numerous repairs and a vacant property?

Is your rental property causing you huge cash outflows in terms of taxes, bills, and maintenance costs?

Has the rental market in your area taken a nosedive?

For all your woes, Homes365 – We Buy Houses offers a simple and hassle-free solution – we’ll buy your property at a fair price and at a time of your choosing!

If any of the above statements resonated with you, then your answer is YES, "I Am a Landlord and I Want to Sell My Property Fast!"

Why Sell Your Rental Property?

In hundreds of cities across the US, the actors change but the stories remain the same.

Some landlords Overstretch Themselves

Landlords and investors often get swept up in the promise of high returns in a growing real estate market and overinvest in multiple properties, only to realize that they are unable to manage them all. Some properties come with too many maintenance costs; some have heavy taxes associated with them, and in some cases, the property owners are located far away from their investments. Therefore, it makes better sense for the property owners to divest some of their properties and divert their funds to better investments.

Some are Unwilling Landlords

There are also cases when the landlords are forced to sell the property because the property is inherited or distressed. In such situations, when the landlords are unable to manage the mounting financial pressures or the stress of searching and managing tenants, it is a financially prudent decision to sell their property.

Some Landlords are Hapless Victims

Owning a property does come with its share of woes. Professional squatters can trick you into renting your property to them and then make none of the rental payments. It happens to more people than you know. Alternatively, you stop paying attention to your property and suddenly it’s become a den for squatters. Such situations are a nightmare for any landlord. In some of the worse cases, the squatters are relatives of the landlords, which makes it extra difficult to get rid of them.

Then There is the Case of Better Prospects

Suppose you found a better investment opportunity. It could be another real estate property, a stock investment, or another investment vehicle. If your current property is not accumulating significant cashflows, then a savvy investor like you might want to liquidate your real estate property and use that money to invest in the new opportunity.

Whatever be your reason for selling your property, Homes365 – We Buy Houses will buy your property quickly, easily, and in full cash.

Why Choose Homes365 – We Buy Houses?

Because, we are the best!

Well, that’s what our clients keep telling us after every transaction and we don’t disagree with them!

Of course, before you become one of our supremely happy clients, let us share some reasons why our clients love us so much.

1.      We Buy Properties in Any Condition

That’s right! Whether your property is in dilapidated condition, is in dire need of a renovation, or has not been occupied for months, we’ll buy your property and pay you full in cash. You don’t have to tidy up the house, perform any repairs, or fix up anything. We’ll take it as it is. Now you like us?

2.      We Buy Properties in Any Kind of Distress

When we say that we buy homes in AS-IS condition, we mean every word of it!

House facing a foreclosure because of missed payments? No problem, we’ll buy your house!

Tenants already living in the house? No problem, we’ll buy your house!

It doesn’t matter what kind of distress your property is in. We’ll buy it for a fair price and in cash.

The best part? We’ll take care of all the associated closing costs and paperwork so that you can enjoy a hassle-free and headache-free home-selling experience.

3.      The Best Part? We Take Care of All the Costs

Yes. We are not joking!

We will take care of all the paperwork and closing costs associated with the sale of your property and deed transfer. You don’t have to run around trying to make the transaction happen. You can just let us do all the groundwork, while you enjoy complete peace of mind.

How’s that for a homebuyer? Now, you understand why our clients shower us with so much love!

So, How do I Sell My Rental Property?

It’s Simple. You Sell Your Rental Property in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Call Us

Give us a call, share your property details, and get an instant cash offer.

Step 2: Schedule Property Inspection

Schedule a visit to your property, where we will make an instant cash offer.

Step 3: Choose Closing Date

Choose the closing date of your convenience. We’ll buy your house on that day by paying you in full.

What’s Next Then?

Get Your Cash Offer Today

Use the button below to share the relevant details and we’ll call you ASAP. The property details will help us come up with a tentative market value of your property, which will help us give you an instant cash offer on the phone.

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How is Homes365 – We Buy Houses So Fast?

Traditional real estate agents put you through the grind. They list your property on MLS sites, show your property to numerous potential buyers until someone makes a decent offer. This typically takes months.

At Homes365 – We Buy Houses, we do things a little differently…

We are SERIOUS CASH BUYERS. We buy your property. There is no middleman; you don’t have to entertain an endless number of potential buyers. We’ll come, we’ll inspect the home, and we’ll make a cash offer right away. It’s up to you to decide now when you wish to close the deal, and we’ll close the deal on that day.

With us, you don’t have to wait for anyone. That’s why we are so fast!